Get Involved

Striving to make the earthquake response more transparent, accountable and efficient is a gigantic task for which we are seeking collaborators.

Here some examples of how to get involved:

  • Provide data to the portal

    The more data the portal holds, the more useful it will be for everyone. We therefore are asking organizations involved in the earthquake response to make their data available to us.

    This can be done in different formats:

  • Make use of the portal data
    • As a member of the public or an organization striving to make earthquake response funds matter: Use the data to perform follow the money activities. A lot of private and public funds were allocated to help the earthquake victims. It is only fair to ask what this money has achieved on the ground. Please don’t forget to share your findings with us!

    • As an organization involved in the earthquake response: Inform yourself about what others are doing to collaborate or to avoid duplication of efforts.

  • Engage in discussions
    • Ask organizations active in the earthquake response about their projects. Public interest in their activities will likely result in more information about the earthquake response being made public and thus chances are that it not only becomes more transparent, but also more accountable and efficient.

    • Participate in discussions on our blog .

Please also let us know what you think of the portal and how it could be made more useful to you.

You can reach out to us either via or by leaving comments on our blog. We are looking forward to hear from you!