• Commitment (transaction type)
    A commitment is the creation of a contractual obligation regarding funding between the donor and appealing organization/recipient. It almost always takes the form of a signed contract.

  • Disbursement (transaction type)
    Funds that are placed at the disposal of a recipient government or organization.

  • Expenditure (transaction type)
    Outgoing funds that are spent on goods and services within projects. We do not track the receivers of expenditures, i.e. there is no receiver for transactions of the type "Expenditure".

  • Pledge (transaction type)
    A pledge is a non-binding announcement of an intended contribution or allocation by the donor. E.g. the funds promised by donors during the International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction (ICNR) were such non-binding pledges.

  • Traceability
    Traceability as understood by the IATI standard and the Earthquake Response Transparency Portal is the ability to follow financial flows starting from their original source, via potentially many intermediaries, to implementing organizations and to see how the funds were used in the affected districts.

  • Transaction type
    The transaction type specifies the nature of a transfer, ranging from type “Pledge”, which is a non-binding announcement to provide funds to “Expenditure”, which captures the purchase of goods and services. Other transaction types used in the Earthquake Response Transparency Portal are “Commitment” and “Disbursement”.
    Please refer to the definition of the individual transaction types for more details.